Ebru Evrim is the lead Instructor and Founder of Ebru Evrim, the Yoga : Pilates : Activewear studio in the North of England, and the only Turkish Yogi in the area! 

After developing a keen eye for fashion in Istanbul, doing an intensive Ashtanga Yoga training in India, and training as a Polestar Pilates teacher in Leeds, Ebru has created her own Ebru Evrim branded activewear range for Yoga and Pilates practitioners, gym enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, or any recreational and everyday users.  

All our products have been designed and produced in Istanbul, the Turkish fast fashion hub that is able to produce good quality fashion products quickly and ethically compared to other places. Ebru knows the team and the conditions they work in, she visits often to discuss new designs, fabrics and trends, and make sure a high quality product made with love arrives on time for her customers.